Chute and Shoot Meet

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 8:00am

Save the date! You'll want to be here October 14th! The weekend before Bridge Day we'll be doing a Chute & Shoot Meet at Aerohio.

It is a fun competition, testing not only your canopy accuracy but your shooting skills too! The day will be capped off with a clam bake, with lots of good food and beverages.

The cost is $50 to participate in the Chute & Shoot. That includes the ammunition and gun. The prize money for the winner comes from the entrance fee, so get your friends to participate so your winning prize is bigger!

The Clam Bake is $25 per person and includes everything... We need an initial head count for this ASAP. Please sign up for dinner by emailing or signing up at manifest this weekend.

We'll have it all, prizes, raffles, food, beer, prizes and raffles!! More details coming soon :-))

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