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AerOhio is the home dropzone for the Skydiving Shows.com Exhibition Team and together can bring Professional Skydiving to your event.

Call us for more info on how we can add excitement and memories to your party, wedding, race, sporting event, festival and more!

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Have you ever been to a sporting event, a grand opening or a festival and seen the excitement that is created when skydivers deliver the game ball or pump up the crowd by landing right on the target? Have you experienced the silent dignity of the American Flag flown overhead during the national anthem? Have you wondered where you could hire this type of professional skydiving team? The answer is right here!

Regardless of the size of your event, we can make a skydiving show tailored to your needs. Shows include one professional skydiver jumping into your local event. We can add smoke and flags, or deliver a package or game ball to the event. We can field up to 8 jumpers for events of any size. The most popular shows are either the one person jump due to its lower cost, or the three person jump which allows for greater variety of flags, smoke and aerial delivery packages. Prices vary greatly with distance from our home base, the level of difficulty, the date of the event and how elaborate of a display is required. The average cost of a full show with 3 to 4 team members, flags and, banners, freefall smoke, and insurance is between $1500 and 2000.00. Smaller shows can be anywhere in between. We can give approximations over the telephone, so please do not be afraid to call and ask.