Solo Accelerated Freefall Training

BEYOND THE BUCKET LIST ... Become a Licensed Skydiver!

If making a jump without being attached to an instructor sounds like your cup of tea, then you have landed in the right place.  Your first Solo Jump is the beginning of the Accelerated Freefall training program or AFF for short. 

The solo first jump starts with a 6-hour ground school, known as the First Jump Course.  You will learn about aircraft exit, body position, canopy deployment, canopy flight, landing procedures and safety procedures.  

Weather permitting, you can jump the same day.  For the first jump you and two USPA certified Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Instructors exit the aircraft as a team from 13,000 feet.  During free fall they will help you to stay stable and teach you using hand signals.  They will stay with you through canopy deployment, then you will fly and land your own parachute.  

After you land, if you find yourself looking to the sky and wanting to feel the incredible feeling of flight over and over, then it's time to continue your training. 

Student Progression Pricing

If you have already completed the first jump, you are ready to start your 25 jump Accelerated Free Fall training progression to become a licensed skydiver.    

Learn more about obtaining your license 

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