Tandem Jumps

Check Skydiving off your list.

Tandem Skydiving is the most popular way to check skydiving off your bucket list. On your first jump you will experience almost a full minute of freefall followed by about a five minute canopy ride all while you're instructor handles the hard part. 

The entire Tandem process takes about an hour.  A USPA certified tandem instructor will jump with you after a 30 minute class, in which you will be trained on th basic body position for exit and freefall, how to read the altimeter and how to open the parachute!  You will also be introduced to basic canopy flight and landing procedures. The student and instructor are harnessed together in a special parachute system built for two people.

After exiting the aircraft between 10,000 to 12,000 feet, you and your instructor will freefall together for over a mile. Once the parachute opens the two of your will descend to the ground together under a huge canopy.

After your first Tandem jump, you can continue with your tandem student progression which consists of one or two more tandem skydives and then you can then a transition to Solo Skydive Training.  You also can immediately transition to a Solo Jump after only one tandem jump if you choose to continue your skydiving training.

Please note: The maximum weight for Tandem students is 250 lbs, with height and weight being in proportion. If you are uncertain if you meet the guidelines, please come out and visit and an instructor will make the final determination.  

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Minimum age limit is 18 years old.

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