Experienced Staff

All of the staff at AerOhio are highly trained professionals. They have been carefully chosen from many qualified applicants because of their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. Please feel free to ask questions of any of our staff.

Many of our staff have even helped to develop National Instructional and Safety Guidelines.

All of our staff have their current USPA licenses and instructional ratings on file. You may ask to see their qualifications at any time.


Skydiving Scheduling in Ohio

Alexandra - Manifest


Drop Zone in Ohio

Sherry - DZ Manager


Tandem Skydiving  in Ohio

Peter - Tandem, AFF


Tandem Instructor

Matt - Tandem


Skydiving Organizer

Kevin - Organizer


Parachuting In Ohio

Jeff - Coach


Eric - AFF


How to pack a parachute

Jim - Packing room


Skydiving in Columbus

Justin - Coach, Video


Skydiving Singles

Doug - Tandem, AFF


John - Tandem, AFF


Kaelee - Manifest


Adam - Tandem, AFF


Amanda - Editor


Brian - AFF


Vince - AFF