Preparing for Cold Weather Jumps

October 23, 2015

Preparing for Cold-Weather Jumps


Like it or not, it looks like summer is over for many parts of the U.S., and the first cold weather of the fall season is dropping in from Canada this week. Especially for those in the central and eastern U.S., keep an eye out for rapid changes in winds and temperatures as we transition to the fall skydiving season. Lots of us will keep jumping in the colder temperatures; it just takes a little more preparation (meaning a lot more layers!) and a watchful eye on the weather conditions. If you started skydiving this summer, this will be your first experience with cold weather jumping.

Gloves need to be thick enough to help with thermal protection but still allow you to feel and operate all of your handles on your container.

Lots of retailers carry clothes that work well for keeping you warm while still allowing for plenty of mobility. Check with the more experienced skydivers around the drop zone to see what works well for them. Or you can find a way to spend your winter in Florida and avoid the frigid weather altogether!

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