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Meet AerOhio

AerOhio is Ohio's #1 Skydiving Center for not only your first skydive, but for becoming a licensed skydiver!  From the moment you arrive at our beautiful facility to the time you touch down and celebrate your newfound rockstar status, consider yourself part of the AerOhio family. We work harder than anyone else to help you experience the adventure of a lifetime!


AerOhio’s History

AerOhio began in 1950, starting as the Akron Skydivers Club and developing into a business in the 1990's.  We have introduced countless people to the wonderful world of skydiving and trained thousands as licensed skydivers!

AerOhio is known around the country for having some of the best-trained staff, coaches, and instructors in the industry, including the former President of the United States Parachute Association, who is now the USPA Vice-President and a National Director.   

Are you ready for your first jump? We are!

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What to Expect from Your AerOhio Skydive Experience


Jump with Highly Experienced, Certified Trainers

Our USPA-certified trainers have tens of thousands of jumps under their belts with regular training above and beyond the national standard.

Expect Clear Communication to Skydive with Confidence

We know it can be intimidating to take that first leap. We conduct an in-person verbal gear check with you on the ground and in the airplane, so that you will feel prepared.

Build Your Skydiving Memory With Us

Our Super Otter airplane accommodates up to 24 skydivers at a time!  This allows you to jump with your group, experience the ride up together, and watch each other jump. (Ask us how to be in the plane with your friends!)

Have the Time of Your Life

Skydiving is a thrilling, social sport that will deliver the adrenaline rush you’re seeking. AerOhio’s team is here to build your confidence, train you, and make your skydiving experience a fun and exciting adventure you’ll never forget.

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Dropzone Location for GPS AerOhio Skydiving
701G Township Rd 1102
Ashland, OH 44805

Mailing Address for Shipping

403 County Rd 1302
Polk, OH 44866

JUMP HOURS - Weather dependent
Tuesday - Friday: 12 PM-Sunset
Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM-Sunset

OFFICE HOURS - Year round

Daily: 8 AM-6 PM

Phone: (800) 726-3483


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