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Your Tandem Skydiving Adventure

$249 Weekday  -  $279 Weekend
*Prices reflect a 3% cash discount 
Use coupon code "Weekday30" for a weekday tandem & "Video20" for $20 off your weekday video choice too! 


As a first-time skydiver, you most likely have plenty of questions!  Watch this short video to see what to expect from check in, to training, to freefall and landing!   

The Tandem Skydive is our most popular first jump! You will be in a system built for two, freefall for about a minute, and then fly and land the parachute with your instructor.  

We are dedicated to preparing you for your adventure with all the information you need to make breathtaking memories.  

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Video & Photo Packages!

Do you need to have proof or just want to be able to re-live your skydiving experience over and over?  We have the answer!  Our professional video staff is ready to document the time of your life!  Don't miss a moment of your experience with high quality digital video and still photos of your skydive.   

Choose from three options!
Selfie Package:                     $109   
Pro Package:                         $139    
Super Star Experience :       $179

After only 15-20 minutes after your jump, you will receive your video and still pictures by email.  There will be three versions, including a short highlights video, making it easy to share with your friends and family through social media!  Your video package can be added when you make your reservation or when you check in at AerOhio the day of your jump.   

What to Expect

How long should I plan to be at AerOhio?

Your appointment time is your check-in time.  Plan on spending 2-4 hours with us.   

What training will I receive prior to skydiving?

Your training will be about 20 minutes and will cover the basic freefall body position, how to read a wrist-mounted altimeter, how to open the parachute and the landing procedures. Once the parachute is open, your instructor will teach you to fly the parachute on your way down to the landing.

How long is the jump itself?

Our Super Otter aircraft takes you to a jump altitude of between 10,000 and 13,000 feet above the ground. After exit, you and your instructor will experience almost a minute of thrilling freefall, falling for over a mile through the sky. Once the parachute opens, the two of you will spend about five minutes flying the parachute down to the ground.

What should I bring?

All you need is your ID and to wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.

Ready to Take the Leap?

We’re ready for you! We’re here to give you the thrill of your lifetime, open every Tuesday through Sunday during the season. Reserve your Tandem skydiving experience today!

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Please note: The maximum weight for tandem students is 250 lbs, with height and weight being in proportion. If you are uncertain if you meet the guidelines, please come out and visit so an instructor can make the final determination.  $50 deposit is non-refundable.  $1.00/ lb charge over 200 lbs.  Must be 18 years old or older to participate.

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Tuesday - Friday: 12 PM-Sunset
Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM-Sunset

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