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Let's get licensed! 


You have made your first jump and now you are hooked! The next step is to become a licensed skydiver by earning your "A" license. The student program to earn this license is broken into categories, each containing several ground lessons and jumps. The program details are listed below in Category Posters. The training for each jump is approximately 45 minutes, so that means you can certainly do more than one jump in a day! 


A-License Category Posters

Package Rates for Student Training

We offer package rates for student training if you want to combine some of the above categories:

  • Package 1: Category B & C -  $605     (3 jumps)   $42 savings
  • Package 2: Category D & E - $710     (4 jumps)   $46 savings 
  • Package 3: Category F & G - $890      (8 jumps)   $42 savings
  • Package 4: Category H & I, Check Dive, & 2 Solos  - $1015  (9 jumps)   $46 savings

  • Package A: Category B ~ E - $1295   (7 Jumps)    $108 savings
  • Package B: Category F ~ I, Check dive & 2 Solos  - $1880   (17 Jumps)   $113 savings

* Packages do not include your first solo jump (Category A)
* All packages are non-refundable

Your Graduation jump is FREE!  

Student Links

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is the governing body for skydiving in the United States. You can find just about anything you need to know about skydiving, training, and licenses on their website at   You will need to join USPA by the time you start Category F, but you can join anytime to start receiving Parachutist Magazine every month!  


The USPA Skydivers Information Manual (SIM) acts as the 'rule book' for skydiving in the United States. You can go to or get the USPA SIM app to view the SIM



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