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The Ultimate 8 Way Chili Blast Off

September 19, 2016

Announcing the next competition:

The Ultimate 8-way Chilly Blast Off!!!

It's going to be 8-way teams, and each jump will involve a crazy hard exit worth 5 points, followed by 40 seconds of working time for 'normal' 8-way competition.

Then, to wrap it all up, we'll be having a chili cook-off open to all who think they can top Garfield, who took first prize at the Rays MTB chili cook-off in 2014. Oh wait...ok, now I get it ...... it's actually the Ultimate 8-way CHILI Blast Off!!!

Teams and dive pools will be set ahead of time. Email John at by Sept 30th to register. Depending on the turnout, we can make it 7-way or 9-way, or add teams as needed, so knowing how many we have ahead of time will be a big help. Entry fee remains 6 to 12 bottles of good beer, deposited into the dz fridge.

Let Garfield know if you'll be participating in the chili cook-off. The dz will provide crackers and side dishes, along with plates/bowls and utensils. Chili will be judged by all the jumpers and there will be prizes for the top chili cooker!!

Don't forget, if you participated in the Hot Dog and Pizza competitions, and will be in the Chili Blast, you're eligible to be voted the 2016 Grand Champion, as decided by the event organizers. There will prizes and accolades for the winner!!

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