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7 Things to Prioritize After The Pandemic

April 05, 2020
  • Getting a haircut - Let's be honest, we will all be in need of one, and no, the haircut your roommate gave you just won't 'cut-it' in public.

  • Finally, jumping out of an airplane - If being stuck inside during this time hasn't made you appreciate all of the things you missed out on when you had the change, you may be beyond help.  Just do it already!

  • Getting a fresh draft beer at the bar with your friends. - Everyone over 21 knows what we are talking about.

  • Going on a spontaneous vacation - A two day trip to the beach? Count me in.  A small vacation is better than the big one that you planned out and then never had the time to take.

  • Going to more concerts, even if you don't know who is playing. - Music speaks to our souls and even bands that we don't like sound better live.  

  • Hosting more dinner parties with friends. - Dinner parties, keggers, whatever part of life you are in, enjoy it with friends.

  • Enjoying work - Who knew this would ever be a thing?  Getting paid to get out of the house and interact with humanity never seemed so appealing!

Are you ready to start living?

This situation has made all of us realize how precious our time really is. Once we are all able to safely get outside and socialize, prioritize your time with experiences.

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