Top 6 Lessons We've Learned While Not Being Able To Skydive

May 18, 2020


  1. Being stuck inside this much makes us want to jump out of airplanes!
    • Seriously, when we get to go back to normal life, we want to do it as outrageously as possible!

  2. Even our friends that we considered to be "sane" are crazy when left with to much time on social media
    • Come on people, we've partied with you, we know you're barley experts at anything, let alone medicine and economics.

  3. Never stop dreaming - it's keeps you sane and gives you something to get out of bed in the morning for!
    •  At least we think that's what is keeping us sane. 8 new hobbies and 6 new side hustles... 

  4. That person sitting next to us on our couches, apparently that's our spouses.
    • It's strange, it's the middle of the day, again, and there is someone else staring intently at the 78th Netflix series we've binge watched.

  5. Our toaster needs a window so we can see how toasted the bread is.
    • Are we the only ones who want to watch our bread toasting like a perfect marshmallow in a camp fire?

  6. Being stuck inside this much makes us want to jump out of airplanes!
    • Oh, we said this one already?  We guess that's what this post is about anyways! We have been preparing for re-opening and an announcement will be coming soon! 

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