Learn to Fly a Wingsuit

Here you are, on a web page reading about Learning to Fly a Wingsuit.

How many Youtube video's have you watched?
How many Red Bull logos have you seen?  
How many have seriously thought to yourself, could I do this?  I mean really could a normal person do this?

The answer is, of course YES.  The means to get there is actually fairly simple too; it's just like any other "specialty" it will take some time, not getting your Phd amount of time, but more like getting an assosiates amount of time.  

We can help you get there, and we will even outline the steps for you right here, but first you, you have to take the first step.  

Come make your first Skydive with us, join our family and never look back, because before you know it, you will be looking forward, at 12,000 feet in the air as you fly, actually fly your very own wingsuit.

So what does it really take to fly a wingsuit?  Experience.

Step 1. Fill out our Win a Free Tandem Entry form 

Step 2. Go ahead an reserve your first tandem anyways, if you win the sweepstakes drawing we will just credit you with a second jump.

Step 3. Take your First Jump Course to start your solo student progression.

Step 4. Complete the 25 jump student progression course to earn your A License.

Step 5.  Enjoy yourself jumping with your new skydiving family and work with the AerOhio New Jumpers Program to start racking up those jump numbers and learning the skills you will need to fly a wingsuit.

Step 6.  200, yep 200 is the magic number of jumps required before you can take your Wingsuit First Jump Course.

Step 7. By this time you are one of us, sign up for your Wingsuit Course and learn to fly!