License Information

Once you have completed your first solo training jump, be prepared for your life to change! The solo training program is how you become a licensed skydiver.   Are you ready?  

The good news is the longest day is over!  The 6-hour ground school and your first jump were the start of a 25 jump training progression designed to transform new jumpers into solo, licensed skydivers.

The first 8 of the 25 jumps are the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program.  And, only 30 minutes of training is needed for each jump. Yes, that means you can jump multiple times in a day! 

You will have individualized, 1 -on- 1 instruction to guide you through 9 specifically designed training categories.

Accelerated Free Fall Program
- Ground Training required first

Category A - First Accelerated Freefall – the name says it all. An amazing sense of accomplishment!

Category B - Preparation for your release dive – a combination of turns and forward motion.

Category C - This is your release dive – your instructors release you to learn hover control in free fall. 

Category D - One instructor from here on out - solo 90, 180, and 360 degree turns.

Category E - Solo exits -  with barrel rolls, then front and back flips.   

Category FSolo skydives - tracking and practice emergency exits. 

Category GRefining skills with a Coach - forward, backward, up and down movement.

Category H - Refining skills with a Coach - swooping, 90 & 360 center turns.

Category IIntroduction to Freeflying -  equipment and free fall safety

A-License Check Dive & Graduation - Complete your A-License progression card, submit it to USPA to obtain your skydiving license


Pre-requisites to AFF

  • Must weigh 225 lbs or less, height & weight proportional
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must complete Category E to jump with a USPA Coach