Active Training Center

Skydiving is more than just Tandems.  


Nobody knows this better than us.  At AerOhio we not only help first time Tandem Skydivers have the experience of a life time, but we train and certify Skydivers from their first jump to their pro rating and everything in between.

There are many layers to the skydiving world and it can seem like a mystery to people that are new to jumping out of airplanes.  The good news is, we are here to help you on your journey.  

By offering everything from First Jump Courses for a Solo Skydive to a New License Holder Challenge to Coaching and Instructor Certifications, we are able keep up to date on all safety and training information to keep you as in-the-know as possible.

Our offerings - Even though many of these do not apply to a new jumper, our goal is to offer you peace of mind that we are a very active and safety conscious drop zone.

  • Daily Tandem Skydives
  • Daily First Jump Courses
  • Daily License Progression Jumps
  • Canopy Courses
  • Water Training Courses
  • Coach License Certifications
  • Camera Flying Lessons
  • Wing suit First Jump Courses and Lessons
  • AFF Instructor Training and Certification
  • Tandem Instructor Training and Certification
Active Training Center